Cheshire SEO Solutions

We are a Link Building SEO company based in Northwich, Cheshire, UK.

We like to work with ambitious but realistic businesses both local and national who understand the importance of building great content for your audience and great links to expand your brand and increase your ranking.

Thats why we are here…

A bit about me..

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Jason Morris SEO Solutions Consultant

I’ve spent over 20 years at the sharp end of Corporate Sales and Marketing and over the years I’ve seen that the way people buy products and services change.

By 2010 it was obvious that the way people purchased goods and services had fundamentally changed.

This was around the time I came up with the idea for Profit Engine. Initially I focused on Digital Marketing consulting but over time I was continually being asked to deliver Digital Marketing services.

And so I decided to change things up a bit. I still consult but it’s now around helping companies create Marketing funnels and systems.

But as a company, our core service is now Link Building.  Our services are used by large corporations, Digital Agencies, affiliates and site owners.We’re flexible in approach but have a predefined Link building system that works very well.

We offer outreach services and create high quality and entertaining content.

This is what the smarter and more successful clients ask for as they know it’s the only way to carry out SEO properly. Not party tricks, no smoke and mirrors just excellent link building.

We now have a Project Manager, Link Researchers, outreach specialists and a pool of writers.

We are currently providing Link Building services across a wide variety of industries, we are especially strong in link building for startups, Tech,Telecoms, Home Improvements and Professional Services.