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Everything we do is geared towards driving targeted traffic to your website. And based on the research that’s been done in regards to link building we believe that just picking high traffic keywords is not enough. You need to start generating high quality backlinks for the website you want to rank. And you need to create compelling content that your target audience is going to want to read. To achieve real results in SEO you need to be engaging in link building and content outreach. Creating Customer Personas at the beginning of an SEO campaign allows you create compelling content and choose the best keywords.

Link Building Outreach

According to a recent data study carried out by Moz, link building and content creation are two of the three most important factors when it comes to ranking your site. Recently, 100 search professionals suggested that links have the most influence on Google’s core search algorithm. If you combine links with well-written content and target the RIGHT customers and the RIGHT keywords you WILL increase the traffic to your site.

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What sets us apart?

If you’ve had the chance to check out our about us page. You’ll see that our company comes from a sales background which forms the backbone of our process. While many SEO agencies are technical and excel at on page SEO they lack the sales skills, tenacity and processes needed to succeed in Link Building. For the record we do have excellent technical SEO resources, we just have our main focus on link building.  On top of that we’re a social company who’s not afraid to talk to our clients to help them out.

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